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Adelaide’s Leading Commercial Roofing Company: Old Port Roofing

March 15, 2024


It does not matter if you are looking for new commercial roofing or just need a roof repair. In all cases, you need to choose the best roofing company in Adelaide. Otherwise, you will be putting your Adelaide business and valuables at risk. 

At Old Port Roofing, we have covered all your Adelaide commercial roofing solutions. We offer steel roofing services for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors across Adelaide. Here is why you can rely on us for all your Adelaide commercial roofing requirements:

Expertise and Knowledge

Many Adelaide roofing companies have years of experience. However, not all roofing projects are the same. That is why it is crucial to choose an Adelaide contractor with experience in commercial roofing. 

With over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that your Adelaide commercial roofing is in capable hands. Our experience in the commercial roofing field is extensive. We use all this knowledge to help you with roofing material selection, drainage, and design ideas. Our Adelaide commercial roofing services are not limited to design and installation. You can also count on us to meet all your Adelaide commercial roofing repairs and maintenance requirements.

Qualified Roofing Specialists 

Improper roofing installation can lead to all kinds of trouble for your Adelaide business. That is why you need to work only with reliable, qualified commercial roofing contractors. At Old Port Roofing, we understand how each commercial site has unique needs. That is why our iron roofing specialists will first analyse the general appearance of your Adelaide building. Based on that, we will tailor the best roofing solutions to your exact needs. 

Our Adelaide experts can also perform an in-depth examination of your Adelaide commercial roofing. From this, they can identify your roofing integrity, flashing, and plumbing conditions. We can also trace any roofing leaks and uncover issues with previous repairs. Accordingly, our specialists will recommend the budget and best course of action to restore your Adelaide roofing.

Licensed and Insured

As a government-certified roofing company, we always remain compliant with all up-to-date standards and regulations. So, we can work on any Adelaide commercial site without any worries. All our roofing projects are completed following current Safe Work SA codes of practice. For your peace of mind, our Adelaide roofing company is also fully insured.

Smart Modern Roofing Profiles

To ensure quality, well-established steel roofing suppliers work only with their own approved installers. We are proud to be one of the hand-picked Adelaide roofing companies trusted by major suppliers like Fielders and Revolution Roofing. Both suppliers provide us with their revolutionary concealed fixed roofing profiles. 

These roofing systems can withstand the harshest environmental conditions in Adelaide. That is why they are perfect for commercial and industrial roofing. Replacing conventional roofing screws with heavy-duty clips also eliminates sources of possible corrosion. The clips also allow the roofing to accommodate any thermal movements and expansions. 

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