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Are you building a new home, see how steel roofing can save you money?

Steel Roofing In Adelaide 


Walking through the suburbs, and looking at the Adelaide roofing systems across the homes, the most common sight will be variations of steel roofing. If you are building a new property in Adelaide, selecting a roofing material that isn't too financially exorbitant, but is incredibly functional, can be paramount!


At Old Port Roofing, we are Adelaide steel roofing specialists and believe that this material is not only perfect in terms of durability and functionality but is also a roofing option that can save you money down the line in more ways than one.

Steel roofing perfect for new homes!



You won't be inundated with repairs and replacements like other roofing materials. With steel roofing on your new home, you can be rest assured knowing that your new roofing system will be able to withstand the elements for a long time. Designed to last, take impact/abrasions and absorb UV damage, your investment in steel roofing is a long-term one. It may have issues, but with expert repair and maintenance services at Old Port Roofing, you won’t be blowing the budget!


Resale Value

Every addition to your home is an investment, especially when building from scratch. By selecting an Adelaide roofing material such as steel, you are electing a timeless look that will age well. This means that whether you want to sell tomorrow, or in 20 years time, your property will presumably continue to look great. Some prospecting home buyers in Adelaide look at a roofing system and gauge how much unnecessary stress it may cause them in the future. So, it is important to think about future selling options by using steel roofing for your new home.



It's no secret that the temperature can fluctuate dramatically in Adelaide. Homes big and small are prone to needing excessive heating and cooling in the respective months. With a BlueScope Steel roofing system, you will need to spend less heating and cooling due to the insulative quality of the material. Holding heat in and reflecting external heat from the sun, you will have more control over a comfortable temperature within your home.



Using the very latest in steel roofing materials, you will be subject to lower material costs. BlueScope Colourbond and Zincalume products are cost-effective roofing variations compared to tile roofs and are available in larger sheets which decrease installation costs.


The money-saving attributes of steel roofing in Adelaide are only second to the material’s ability to last. When building your new home, we are confident that the installation of steel roofing is a great decision. If you want an existing roof replaced with this material, or are in the design phase for a new Adelaide home, call Old Port Roofing today - for all of your steel roofing needs.



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