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Old Port Roofing Adelaide

Professional Asbestos Removal in Adelaide

Was your Adelaide property constructed in the years when asbestos was a popular material? Are you
looking for a way to safely replace this material without harming yourself and those in the area? At Old
Port Roofing we offer a professional and safe asbestos roofing removal service, so you don’t need to
stress about the long-term effects of the material.



Asbestos as a building material can have hazardous long-term implications on the health of those who
come into contact with it. It is the very reason why it is essential that our team at Old Port Roofing
handles its removal and disposal.




From the identification, right through to the correct wrapping and disposal, we handle all things to do with asbestos roofing, so you don’t have to. If you believe that you have old asbestos roof tiles or shingles, contact our team today to organise a consultation!


Once the choice material for roofing tiles, asbestos including all its components have to be removed (and replaced with something safer). Here's where we can help you. At Old Port Roofing, our team approaches every task carefully and efficiently, to ensure that we leave you with a product that you are satisfied with; and that you do not get exposed to asbestos particles unnecessarily.


Why Old Port Roofing?

Using our years of combined experience, we have been able to develop an understanding and a safe process for approaching asbestos roofing. Our team will keep you well informed as necessary from the initial identification and consultation right through to the replacement. Asbestos roof removal in Adelaide is a careful process and one that must be undertaken by an experienced team in this field - like Old Port


Additionally, we are experts in steel roofing services and applications. Once your asbestos roofing components are safely removed and disposed of, we can help you replace these applications with high-quality and professionally installed steel roofing. No matter what the design of your property, we are here to help.


Our team is well known for their cleanliness and organisation on site, tending to their work with minimum supervision of the property owner.


For the best in roofing advice, service, products and craftsmanship, be sure to give us a call at Old port Roofing, 08 8341 2555.


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