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Can I Get My New Steel Roof In A Colour That Will Suit My Adelaide Home?

For most of us, the phrase “steel roofing” instantly evokes the image of a shiny piece of silver metal in our minds. However, steel roofing doesn’t have to imply making your home look like a tin man. On the contrary, steel roofing comes in all colours and shapes!


Nowadays, steel roofing has significantly evolved with the aid of technology. This has given rise to endless design possibilities and the growing popularity of the material. Steel can easily be moulded to create a variety of aesthetic designs for your home. Its exceptional versatility will allow you to match your home facade’s style and colour palette to perfection.


Can Steel Roofing Match My Adelaide Home’s Colour Palette?

Old Port’s steel roofing projects are made using Bluescope Colourbond steel exclusively. Premium materials like this, give our roofs not only superior performance, but also jaw-dropping good looks!


Bluescope steel is available in 5 colour pathways and 20 different shades. We even offer a range of energy-efficient light shades, that will keep your home cool through the summer months. With this excellent colour shade variety, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your home’s exterior without a problem.


You don’t even have to settle for a single option! Colours can be mixed and matched as you wish to create a wide variety of designs. This, paired with the crisp, bright look of every one of our shades guarantee’s amazing aesthetic results.


No matter what your roof design vision is, Colorbond steel can make it a reality.


How Long Will My Steel Roofing’s Colour Last?

As a homeowner, having an attractive looking roof doesn’t cut it. Ideally, your steel roofing’s curb appeal would last a lifetime. However, this doesn’t always happen in reality.


So, what can you expect from Old Port’s steel roofing? Thanks to our premium roofing materials we can certainly say that – nothing but the best!


Bluescope’s Colorbond steel roofing features globally patented and industry-leading Activate technology. This results in out of this world anti-corrosion properties that’ll keep your roof looking brand new! Plus due to the modern manufacturing of Colorbond steel, fading isn’t something you’ll have to worry about.


Let Old Port Roofing Bring Your Steel Roof to Life

At Old Port Roofing we have everything you need to get the perfect roof! Our superior experience paired with the best steel materials in the market in the main reason why hundreds trust us with their homes.


Reach out and tell us more about your steel roofing project. Together we can come up with the best colour and design for your Adelaide home. There’s an option for every style, colour palette and taste. Whether you are going for a clean and modern look or something for traditional, we have something for every taste.


There’s one thing for certain though, we’ll make sure your home will look its best!


Find out more about our steel roofing colours and designs by calling us at  08 8341 2555, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.



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