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Colorbond Roofing Is Our Top Pick for Premium Roofing Materials… Here’s Why!

March 15, 2024


The roof of your Adelaide home or business should offer much more than just functionality. That is why you need to choose your Adelaide roofing material carefully. You want a roofing material that is durable yet versatile and offers a variety of design options. Colorbond steel roofing offers all this and more, which is why it has been gaining wide popularity amongst Adelaide homeowners. 

At Old Port Roofing, we have covered all your Colorbond roofing solutions . We offer steel roofing services for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors across Adelaide. With over 25 years of experience in the roofing field, we have picked Colorbond steel as our premium material. Here is why:

Highly Durable 

Unlike other steel roofing materials, Colorbond is corrosion-resistant. It will never crack, peel, or easily get damaged. That is why it is the perfect roofing material to withstand the harsh weather elements of Adelaide. 

With five layers of protection, Colorbond steel roofing has been tried and tested in all weather conditions. It has survived even the most extreme circumstances, which is why we trust it to provide long-lasting durability for any Adelaide project we take on.

Extra Safe 

Long-lasting durability is not the only way Colorbond steel roofing will protect your Adelaide home or business. Colorbond steel is also non-combustible. That is why it is a recommended roofing material for properties in bushfire zones across Adelaide. With Colorbond steel roofing, your Adelaide home will have a highly protective steel fence against fire. 

High Insulation 

Many Adelaide homeowners regard Colorbond steel roofing as an investment. Most colours of Colorbond roofing have solar reflectance technology. In other words, the roof will not absorb the sun's heat but will instead reflect it. As a result, your Adelaide home will remain cooler in the summer, and your air conditioning system will not need to work hard. That is how Colorbond roofing will save you a lot on your Adelaide power bills. 

Wide Range of Styles and Designs

Some Adelaide homeowners still think that steel roofing comes only in old industrial designs. That is not true at all. Colorbond steel roofing offers a wide range of designs and colours to complement any Adelaide house or building. In fact, Colorbond steel is the perfect material for roofing designs with no or small peaks. From traditional designs to modern roofing styles, our Adelaide experts will complete any project with the finest look. We offer roofing solutions to meet every taste and budget.

Environmentally Friendly 

Minimising our negative impact on the environment is also a top priority for our Adelaide roofing company. That is why we chose Colorbond steel as a premium roofing material. Unlike other options, Colorbond roofing is completely recyclable. It can be reused for many purposes. Even the production process of Colorbond steel roofing includes recycled material. That is how Adelaide Colorbond steel roofing will lower your carbon footprint. 

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