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Common Roofing Issues That Require Professional Repair!

April 20, 2020

One of the most critical factors that affect the value of your Adelaide property is the roof. Without proper roof repairs, you might jeopardize the structure of your entire building. Some roof problems are more visible than others. Clogged or damaged gutters can be easy to detect. On the other hand, roof leaks could be tricky to discover, especially small ones.
It can be tempting to approach your Adelaide roof repairs as a DIY project. However, by doing this, you will be risking your own safety. Your Adelaide property requires an experienced roof repairs service to catch and fix any roofing issues on time.
Here are some of the more typical problems that require a professional roof repairs service:
Roof Leaks
Leaks from the roof are not always easy to detect. Even if you find mould or water stains on the ceiling, it will be hard to trace where the water is travelling. Without immediate roof repairs, small leaks can snowball. They can cause severe damage to the structure of your Adelaide building. An experienced roof repairs service will be able to allocate any leakage, no matter how small.
Clogged Gutters
Without proper functioning drainage, rainwater would gather on your Adelaide roof for days. This could cause severe problems for your entire property. From leaks and basement flooding to structural defects, the consequences of clogged gutters are many.
A professional roof repairs service will remove the water of your Adelaide roof and check the gutters and downspouts. The damage can range from clogged or crushed drains to bent downspouts.
Structural Damage
Storms, high wind, and other extreme weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to your Adelaide roofing. A tree branch or limb could fall on the roof, puncturing it or damaging parts of it. That is why, after significant weather incidents, you should hire a professional roof repairs and maintenance service.
The extent of roof damage might not be visible to you. However, a roof repairs expert will be able to assess the current and even potential roofing issues. Additionally, trying to remove large tree branches on the roof could put you at considerable risk. Roof repairs professionals are equipped with all the required gear to perform these tasks safely.
Damaged or Missing Roof Flashing
The primary purpose of your Adelaide roof flashing is to direct water away from the base of the chimneys or the borders of the skylights. If the flashing was missing or incorrectly installed, the water can infiltrate these vulnerable areas and damage them. A professional roof repairs service can quickly repair or replace your Adelaide roof flashing.
At Old Port Roofing, our roof repairs services cover both domestic and commercial properties across Adelaide. With more than twenty-five years of experience, our team can efficiently allocate, track, and fix all roofing leaks.


No matter how big or small your Adelaide roofing damage is, get it fixed now quickly and effectively. Call us now!


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