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Here`s Why Steel Roofing Is The Premium Roofing Material

What Makes Steel Roofing The Ideal Choice? 


Steel roofing makes up the majority of residential roofing systems in Australia. At Old Port Roofing we believe in the vast capabilities of this material and consider it to be one of the very best products on the market. If you need a roof replacement or a roof repair, you should consider steel roofing for the task!


Several traits make steel roofing the premier product for residential and commercial roofing situations, all of which benefit the property owner. With a professional installation completed by the team at Old Port Roofing, you can rest assured knowing that your steel roofing system is a long-term investment.



In 2018, steel roofing materials offer home and business owners the broadest range of colour options on the market. It allows more properties to select an option that will suit their design, whether it is old or new.


There is also flexibility in the design capabilities of this material. If you are completing a new build, or have a unique house shape, you give yourself the best chance at installing a sound roofing system with steel materials.


The colours allow you to match the rest of the home, or create a truly unique composition for your home.



One of the unique things about a steel roofing system is the fact that the material comes in large format of lightweight sheets. Compared to other regular roofing materials, this means that steel roofing sheets are more accessible to maneuver, and therefore easier to install. The sheets size contributes to the ease of repairs (Section replacements) and the cost of the roofing system.


Even though steel roofing is incredibly thin, it does not sacrifice strength to do its job, ensuring that you are still incredibly protected despite the size.



A core trait of steel roofing that is the reason for its popularity is its durable qualities. In Australia, residential properties, in particular, can be exposed to abrasions resulting from falling branches and other debris. Steel roofing is the premium material because it is impact-resistant. Similarly, steel roofing can withstand harsh suns and intense rains, without letting the elements gain access to the interior of your home. Investing in steel roofing, whether it is for a new roofing system or an existing one, is a long-term investment, as the product will last for years to come without losing integrity.


If you are looking to install a high-quality steel roofing system with the very best materials, look no further than Old Port Roofing. Our team can come to your property and provide you with a professional service like no other. Call today to organise a consultation and quote.



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