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How to Get Your Gutters Ready for The Winter

Winter is approaching and there’s no better time to get your Adelaide home’s roofing checked out. Gutters are a vital component to your roof’s health. The colder months come with strong winds and rain that put extra strain on your gutters. Keep your roof in top condition by preparing your gutters in time.


Roofing is a very important part of your Adelaide home. It keeps you and your belongings safe and dry every single way. It is why it pays to give it its rightful place and take good care of it. Stay on top of your roofing inspections and maintenance and you won’t have anything to worry about.


Here are some simple things you can do to get your gutters winter-ready.


Carry Out an Initial Inspection

The first step in any type of home maintenance should always be inspection. After all it’s hard to know what needs to be done, without having the problem areas identified. When it comes to your Adelaide home’s roofing, carrying out yearly inspections is vital. A great time to tackle this is before the winter arrives. Your gutters are especially important to your roofs health and function, so they should be inspected carefully.

You should make sure none of your gutters are sagging and look out for holes that create inconvenient leaks.


Clear Out Your Gutters

After a careful inspection, the next step in your Adelaide roofing care is to get your gutters clear and clean. Cleaning your gutters requires you to be comfortable working on a ladder. If that is something that makes you feel anxious or uncertain, it’s best you hire appropriate help. Clearing out your gutters should be pretty easy. The goal is to remove leaves, branches and all kinds of debris so that water can flow freely. Any debris left behind can clog up your gutter and cause major issues. This is especially important in the winter, when rain is more frequent and there is a larger risk of water pooling on your roof.


Install Gutter Guards on Your Adelaide Roofing

A great way to keep your gutters clean after all your hard work is by installing gutter guards. Gutter guards still let water flow through, but keep all debris out. This helps prevent clogged gutters. Wind and rain can carry a lot of debris onto your roof and gutters, so shielding them before the weather worsens is a smart move.


Repair Damaged Gutters

It is also important to address any issues encountered during your inspection. Putting them off can lead to greater trouble, especially with bad weather. Some of the things you should do is replace any rusty or leaky gutters. It is smart to replace gutters even if they are just cracked or have minimum damage, since any previous damage can quickly get worse.


At Old Port Roofing, we can help you keep your gutters and down-pipes in top condition. Whether you need to completely replace your gutters or repair smaller damage and leaks, our team is here to help.


Contact us and find out how we can improve your gutters!




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