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Industry roofing takes a beating, above and beyond the normal wear and tear experienced by residential properties. Often industry roofing materials have to stand up to chemicals, exhaust and residues from the manufacturing process, meaning that the roofing materials associated with these buildings are exposed to additional stress compared to that of just weather elements. Therefore, conventional materials can be more susceptible to breaking down faster than normal.


Many industrial spaces are home to various businesses that are all housed under one roof. Therefore, roof failure is not an option as it can lead to business disruption and be detrimental to your businesses bottom line.


Our supplier, Fielders, produces the traditional Fielder’s Pierced Fixed roofing profiles in a range of designs and specifications for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Popular profiles within this are Fielders TL-5® and S-Rib™, which provide exceptional value for money as well as practical application and maintenance.


The replacement of heavy duty clips, in both the KingKlip® and HiKlip ®, over conventional screws ensure a promise of no leakage and allow thermal movements and expansion all while eliminating sources of possible corrosion.



Through our teams many years of experience, we have gained approval from the South Australian Government Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure as a preferred contractor for commercial and industrial sites. The process to achieve this accreditation has been due to our extensive proven experience, reports and recommendations from our many satisfied commercial and industrial clients.


We enable an expert thought process in tracking where leaks originate and travel from, and recommend the best course of action to amend. All of our team members are proficient and compliant with all licensing and the training required for all facets of building site workplace and safety.

We understand that no two roofs are the same and that’s why we provide you with a skilled iron worker to not only make your roof look fantastic but also keep your building dry and leak free for years to come.


No matter the size of the job, all customers are treated equally with quality service you can count on. Old Port Roofing offers only high-quality workmanship with the best-sourced materials so you can be sure that your roofing is going to be the best of the best!




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