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Is this Happening to Your Adelaide Roof? You May Require A Roof Repair Service

October 10, 2022

In Adelaide, a roof is one thing most people take for granted, forgetting the amount of money invested in constructing it. Once built, they neglect it until it develops a significant problem. As a house owner in Adelaide, you are expected to carry out a roof check-up at least once a year. 

Of course, you can do this yourself, but the check-up will be more effective if done by an Adelaide roofing contractor. This is because they can spot signs that you would not due to their experience and skills. A roof protects a house from the weather and other harmful elements, so once you notice any sign on your roof, it needs to be rectified before it becomes a big problem.

Indeed, your roof is meant for beauty and functionality. One cannot do without the other; once a roof is damaged, its function is reduced, affecting its durability and, eventually, beauty. Below are some signs that notify you your roof needs to be repaired.

1. It has exceeded its life span: 

Every roof has a lifespan of 10 to 50 years, irrespective of the material. So, check the lifespan of your Adelaide roof and roofing materials. If it has exceeded its lifespan, you need to replace it.

2. Water leakage: 

This is one sign you must look out for in your Adelaide roof. Go into the attic and observe tiny beams of light. These signs tell you there are tiny openings on the shingles or cracks, which is a sure sign that you need to repair your roof.

3. Moss, algae, and fungi formation: 

Once you observe moss, algae, or fungi formations on your Adelaide roof or even plants growing on it, this signifies that it needs repairs or replacement. These formations are due to the presence of trapped moisture resulting in the growth of those plants. You can remove them with a brush, but you need to be careful not to damage your roof; for this reason, seek the help of an Adelaide roof contractor.

4. Damaged shingles: 

Another sign that your Adelaide roof needs repair is when you observe any cracks on your shingles or slumping, rotting, or any cracks on it; this tells you the roof needs to be repaired.

5. Increasing electricity bills:

Normally, your Adelaide roof deflects the sun rays and heat from it making your house cool, but once there is damage on your roof, it allows most of the cool air to escape and allows the sun rays to heat it, increasing your electricity bills and trying to cool your house. 


A roof is an essential aspect of your Adelaide house. So, it should never be neglected. However, a timely check-up every year should be done to notice the signs noted in this article, and immediate action should be taken once you notice any of them.



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