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Need A Commercial Roofing Service? We Can Help!

At Old Port Roofing, we know just how hard you work to give your customers the best products and services. Our team is committed to helping you continue doing so! How? By keeping your commercial establishment healthy and functional for years to come!


Commercial Roofing For Your Adelaide Business!

How long has it been since you’ve taken a close look at your Adelaide commercial property’s roofing? Whether you are building your first headquarters or improving an old property, roofing is something you shouldn’t overlook.


Often forgotten over our heads, roofs do a lot of work for us on the daily. Roofing keeps your Adelaide business safe from water damage, pests and the hardships of the weather. Additionally, your roofing directly affects your operating costs. An energy-efficient roof can actually save you lots of dollars throughout the year!


Function aside, your commercial Adelaide roofing is part of your business’s image. It affects the way your property looks and the impression it makes. Does putting your best face forward with clients, investors and customers matter to you? In that case, make sure your roofing works in your favour and not the other way around.


The Best Looking Commercial Roofing

At Old Port Roofing we want your commercial property to look its best for a long time! This is why we offer our clients a concealed fixed roofing profile system. This innovative approach eliminates the use of conventional screws. How? By replacing them with heavy-duty clips.


Besides the improved appearance, this system provides other benefits such as:

  • no leakage
  • adaptation thermal movements
  • eliminating sources of possible corrosion

Additionally, at Old Port Adelaide, we exclusively use the top-performing steel products. Our providers, Fielders, and Revolution Roofing provide only the best steel in the industry. With such high-quality products, there’s no way your commercial establishment won’t look great.


Bluescope Colorbond steel is available for all Adelaide commercial roofing. This superior steel material comes in an extensive colour palette that resists fading and corrosion. As a business owner, this guarantee over your roofing investment is priceless.


Choose Old Port Roofing For Your Commercial Adelaide Property

Old Port Roofing specialises in commercial roofing that does a lot more than looking good. Our Adelaide roofing services meet all standards and regulations. For your peace of mind, we conduct a complete job safety analysis. This and our Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan guarantee that all our roofing projects comply with Safe Work Codes. Your roof will never be the cause of trouble at your commercial establishment.


By providing you with the highest quality roofing services, we provide our clients with roofs that exceed expectations. After analysing all the individual factors that make your commercial property unique, we devise the perfect roofing solution for your needs!


Give Your Commercial Establishment the Roof It Deserves!

Old Port Roofing can help you with all your Adelaide roofing needs, commercial and residential. Just call 08 8341 2555 and book a free quotation service. With our expertise and premium materials, you can’t make a better choice!



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