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Protect Your Adelaide Home with a Steel Roof from Old Port Roofing

It’s worth stopping for a moment to spare a thought about where we would be without roofing. Sure, we may be able to look up at the stars as we lie in bed at night, but we’d probably also be a good deal wetter when it rains and colder when the wind blows.

Ever since our ancestors emerged from caves and decided that they’d need something to protect them from the elements, we’ve had roofing. Roofing has provided many benefits to humans over the years, but its primary function has always been about protection.

Roofing provides us with protection from Adelaide’s adverse weather conditions, from the spiders, pests and bugs around us and from intruders who would be better kept out of our homes. Steel roofing provides a some of the highest levels of protection against a whole barrage of things, that we’d certainly rather avoid.

Protection from Bad Weather

Adelaide’s summers can get hot and the winters can bring rain and wind. Our climate can take its toll on your roofing over a few years. Roofing that’s made from materials other than steel can start to show signs of premature degradation and weathering. You might not even notice that your roof is in trouble until you’re rudely awaken from your sleep by a stream of water dripping between your eyes.

A steel roof offers you better protection from extreme weathering and outlasts pretty much every other roofing material currently available.

Protection from High Energy Bills

Adelaide’s variable temperatures mean that you can end up spending a fortune on air conditioning to keep the inside of your home comfortable. Steel roofing is an excellent insulator which means that it’ll keep your home cooler on scorching hot summer days and warmer on chilly winter mornings. You can even select a shade of Colorbond steel that will deflect away the sun’s rays, keeping your home pleasant even on very hot days.

Protection from High Maintenance Costs

Traditional roofing might seem like a sensible option when you’re installing it, but what you don’t see is the monetary and time-cost that you will spend in future years. Steel roofing is like that friend you have who despite their age, just keeps running marathons and doing ironman triathlons. They just keep performing year on year, with very little effort to keep them in good shape.

Protection from High Insurance Costs

Many homeowners aren’t aware that the type of roof that they have can affect how the size of their home insurance premium. Steel roofs offer you protection from extortionately high insurance costs because of their excellent fire safety rating, superior security and ability to stay functioning far longer than most other types of roof.

Protection from a Shabby-Looking Home

A good-looking home is a home that is worth more. While roofing like slate and asphalt can become tiered and worn looking over the years, steel roofing continues to maintain its attractive appearance great even after many years of faithful service. With minimal maintenance, Colorbond Steel roofing typically lasts well over 50 years before you even need to think about replacing it. With steel roofing you can have a roof that not only performs better, but looks better too - It’s a real no-brainer!


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