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Roof Hatch in Adelaide1

Roof Hatch in Adelaide1

Very often we are requested to install a roof hatch for commercial or residential properties that are generally two stories or more high. The roof hatches are made from quality Bluescope materials in Colorbond, zincalume or Galvanised, whichever is the preference.

These properties require roof hatches and often attic ladders for OH&S reasons so that the roof can be accessed for cleaning gutters, servicing air conditioners and any other requirements on a roof. Customers choose whether they want an attic ladder or a man hole that they would just push aside and use a ladder to access the roof hatch.

Our qualified roofers access the roof by ladder and cut out the area where the roof hatch will be installed from the top. Once installed the tradesman seal the penetration with quality Bluescope flashing to ensure that it is water tight. If the customer has chosen a roof hatch we ensure that the ceiling is finished neatly with proper framework for the man hole or attic ladder.



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