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Roofing Tips you Should be Following

Most folks opt for a steel roof because of its lower maintenance – it lasts for 50+ years and can be custom-designed to look amazing. If you do not have steel roofing on your property, then you’ll need a much longer article or perhaps even a book to explain how to care for it. Thankfully, due to the minimal amount maintenance that steel roofing requires, by the end of this short piece, you’ll be armed with all the tips and tricks you need to keep your steel roof functioning and looking great for decades to come.

Remove Dirt, Stains & Debris

Cleaning your roof occasionally is a wise move. Dirt and stains on your roofing can result from Adelaide’s seasonal climate. In the winter time, resin and sap from trees and plants and mineral deposits from rainwater can accumulate on your roof. In the hot Adelaide summer sun, such dirt and grime get baked into your roof. Over a few years, this can lead to your roof looking a little tired. Routine cleaning of your metal roof ensures that your roof holds onto its attractive appearance – make sure that you use common sense and proper safety if you’re doing it yourself.

Pay Attention to Your Gutters

People often underestimate the role that their gutters play in maintaining the function and appearance of their roof. Properly working gutters are gutters that are free from leaves, debris and other blockages. If water can’t freely drain from your roofing system, then you’re likely in for a bad time. Not only will you be taking a chance with your roof’s integrity, but you’ll be risking water damage, pest infestations and other disasters that you most certainly don’t need in your life. You should book off a day in the diary at least once per year for gutter cleaning and maintenance. If you’re not keen to do it yourself, then there are plenty of professionals who’d be only delighted to hear from you.

Schedule a Structural Check-up

Once every two years should be sufficient for a structural inspection. In Adelaide, the seasonal temperature fluctuations can cause roofing parts to expand and contract. Such fluxes can lead to components such as fasteners and panels becoming slightly warped and undermine the structural integrity of your whole roofing system. A professional check-up is not a hugely expensive or time-consuming process and can save you thousands of dollars and headaches down the line. Don’t end up kicking yourself when it starts raining in the kitchen – instead, book an appointment with a trustworthy roofing contractor this week.

Ensure Nothing Is Touching Your Roof

If trees and tall shrubs surround your property, you should ensure that no limbs or foliage are coming into contact with your roof. Branches can damage your roof by removing your it’s protective coating leading to premature degradation. Also, be watchful when other contractors such as electrician and plumbers are carrying out work on your roof, especially if they suggest making any penetrations in your roof’s surface. Penetrations made in a metal roof should only be undertaken by an experienced and qualified roofing contractor and not the gentleman installing your satellite-tv dish.

Keeping tabs on your roofing is an integral part of protecting your home and getting a good return on your investment. These simple tips will help you to maintain your roof's appearance, maximise its functionality and save you from the pain of costly repairs in the future.

You can carry out basic maintenance on your own, but always makes sure that you have somebody on the ground for added safety. If you don’t trust your abilities or feel in any way uneasy about getting up on your roof, then don’t – hiring a professional contractor is an excellent option to ensure that the job gets done right. Due to Adelaide’s climate, we recommend that you clean your roofing and gutters at least once per year and that you book a structural checkup once every other year.


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