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Signs You Need To Replace Your Adelaide Home’s Roof

Is your roof ready for an upgrade? Nowadays, roofs are built to last, however extensive exposure to damage, low-quality materials and lack of maintenance can accelerate your roof’s aging process. Old and damaged roofing leaves your Adelaide home exposed to all kinds of hazards and issues. If your roof hasn’t been looking as great as it used to, pay close attention. It could be time for a much-needed roof renovation.


Knowing when to get a roof replacement can be hard, especially for the average homeowner with limited roofing knowledge. There are a few signs you can look out for to determine whether you should replace your roof or not.


Don’t wait until you have a significant leak to start renovating. A timely inspection can save you time and money. Even if you don’t know much about roofing, you can evaluate the real state of your roof relying on your observational skills.Here are some significant reasons to replace your Adelaide home’s roofing:


Beware of A Sagging Roof

Probably the most significant and most urgent sign that you need a roof replacement is a sagging roof. A roof only sags for one reason: a damaged weak based lurking underneath. A roof that sags not only looks ugly but is a significant home problem. Most likely the underlay is severely compromised or rotten, exposing your home structure to further damage. This type of issues needs prompt evaluation and repair at the hands of experienced roofing professionals.


Don’t Ignore Cracked, Damaged or Missing Roof

A single damaged shingle isn’t something you should especially worry about. However, when a large portion of your roof is damaged, missing or cracked, a significant repair or even roof replacement might be in order, depending on the extension of the problem. Curling roofs are especially concerning lousy sign since they speak of improper installation or large leaks. If you spot this sign, contact a professional roofer and get the problem solved quickly.


Mouldy Roofs Mean Trouble

If you spot mould on your roof, it’s time to worry. You might wonder what the problem is with these green muck spreading here and there on your roof. For mould to grow and spread, a significant amount of humidity is present. If mould is starting to cover your attic like a second coat of paint, chances are, your roof is saturated with moisture and suffers from insulation issues.


Moisture in your roof threatens your entire roof’s structure and needs to be dealt with quickly. In these cases, timely action is critical because if mould makes it inside, exposure can, in some cases irritate your eyes, skin, nose, and throat. In the more serious event that a toxic kind of mould has made its way into your home, your family is even at risk of acquiring dangerous lung infections like pneumonia.


Massive Leaks Need Immediate Attention

Leaks are the most easily noticed roofing issue that gets homeowners to call their roofer and for a good reason. Leaks can severely damage everything inside your home, from your flooring to your furniture. Most minor leaks can be easily solved with simple spot repairs. However, if you are experiencing significant leaking or recurring leaks, you might be dealing with a more substantial problem. If so, it is crucial that you contact a professional so that the condition of your roof can be thoroughly assessed. With professional inspection, your roofer can determine if you need a full roof replacement or not.


Is your roof not looking all that great? Call Old Port Roofing and worry no more. We are ready to assist you with all your Adelaide roofing repair and replacement needs.




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