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Steel Roofing Ideas You`ll Love for Your Adelaide Home!

April 02, 2020

Recently, steel roofing popularity has been rising amongst Adelaide homeowners. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, steel roofing comes with many design and colour options. If you are looking for durable roofing material for your Adelaide home, you do not have to sacrifice on the looks anymore.
The design options of Colorbond roofing, for example, will leave you overwhelmed. It comes in different designs that can truly enhance the appearance and value of any house. To help you get the most suitable design for your Adelaide home, here are some steel roofing ideas:
Classical Heritage
If you have a heritage Adelaide house or are just looking to add some retro feel to your home, then bullnose roofing designs are the best choice. Bullnose roofing adds a timeless, classic look to verandahs, patios, and even carports. You can also mix up bullnose roofing with straight roofing to get a more creative design.
With Bullnose roofing, you will not just get the classical look that complements the design of your Adelaide home. Bullnose roofing also provides additional weatherproofing to your house. It adds more height, without increasing the exposure to the weather. The curved end of bullnose roofing can also help increase the longevity of your Adelaide roof lifespan. It prevents any leaves, dirt or water build-ups at the roof's end. 
Modern Architecture
Modern designs are all about geometrical shapes, such as boxes and triangles. Therefore, for your modern Adelaide home skillion or butterfly roofing designs will be more suitable. In these designs, one side of the roof is taller than the other. That is why they are sometimes compared to gabled roofs that feature two slated pitches. Butterfly roofing designs are their exact opposite. They are unique. Here, the panels’ meeting point is inverted. The roofing has a V-shaped look.
Using a skillion roofing design on your multi-level Adelaide home will give it a layered effect. This roofing shape is one of the unique and appealing designs nowadays.
To complete the look, you have to make sure the colour of your roofing fits the rest of your home exterior. That is why Colorbond steel roofing offers more than twenty colours for you to choose from. For a unified look, you can match your roofing colour with other parts of your home exterior.
If the roofing is a dominant feature of your Adelaide home, choose a light colour that will not overshadow the entire building. Darker roofing colours will help reduce the visual size of your extensive roofing. It will help the roof blend in more.
At Old Port Roofing, we will work with you to create a roofing design that complements the aesthetic of your Adelaide house. We are well known for our expertise and skills in Heritage and National Trust work. Roofing designs, such as Bullnose are our speciality.


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