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Tea Tree Gully Golf Course

Tea Tree Gully Golf Course

Old Port Roofing were given the opportunity to provide an obligation free quote to the Tea Tree Gully Golf Course. The quote was to replace roof area that was deteriorated with a new Zincalume King Klip Roof Package.

Once securing the area from public access, the truck from Fielders delivered materials for a crane to load from the truck onto the roof of the commercial building. A scissor lift was utilised for workers to access the roof during the replacement process.

The work included decommissioning old electrical conditioner units that were to be removed during the roof replacement process. Our team has a qualified electrician who is able to attend electrical work signing off per Government Regulations. The old air conditioner unit, chimney and vent were to be removed and disposed of along with all the old roofing materials. Old Port Roofing ensure that all rubbish associated with roof work is removed and disposed of correctly.

The team then proceeded to install a new Bluescope Zincalume King Klip roof package with special fixings and clips required for this type of roof profile. A new heavy duty zincalume box gutter in .8BMT (Base Metal Thickness) including a sump for better water flow and drainage was also installed.

New skylights, to match the old units, and spinaway vents were supplied and installed making sure all became waterproof with correct sealing, flashings and cappings.

All cladding and roofing was installed to Australian Standard AS1562-1-1992
At the end, the Tea Tree Gully Golf course received a secure, neat roof installed in a professional manner, covered by warranty for installation and Blusecope material.



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