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The Advantages of Steel Roofing

Every component of your home plays a vital role in your overall home living experience. From windows to walls, you want every choice to be the right one. Roofing is no exception. Roofing is even more vital since it plays such an essential part in your family’s safety and your home exterior appearance. You don’t want to regret cutting corners. Make a worthy investment and get steel roofing for your Adelaide home!


Steel roofing and its benefits can completely transform your Adelaide home. Here are some remarkable advantages that steel roofing provides:


Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the most considerable recurring costs in a home is your energy bill. Tons of things can inflate your energy bill into a significant expense, but probably the most significant one is your air conditioning. Keeping the home cool during summer, or your room cozy during the winter can take up a lot of energy, especially if your home structure makes it harder than it has to be. Steel roofing can help you keep your Adelaide home’s temperature stable and comfortable year round. Steel’s sun-reflective properties allow you to maintain the inside temperature and avoid sending your A/C into overdrive. By doing so, you can reduce your energy bill, helping your finances and the environment at the same time.


A Beautiful Look for All Kinds of Home Design

Steel can make your roof look amazing and genuinely stand out. Part of what makes steel such a versatile style element is the very essence of the material. Other types of roof are heavy, brittle and hard to maintain, which limits their use. On the other hand, steel is light, bendable and easy to mould. It translates into all-terrain roofing that works every single time. Modern to traditional, flat to curved, dramatic slopes to slight slants: steel can adapt to all kinds of designs and look fantastic!


At Old Port Roofing, we work with Bluescope Colorbond steel roofing, which, thanks to its beauty and durability, is already becoming a staple on new Australian homes. If complimenting your exterior design is important to you, Bluescope steel roofs are the best choice. With 20 colour shades available, clean, smooth finishes and a patented Activate anti-corrosion technology, there’s no way your roof won’t take your breath away. Best of all, thanks to the high-quality, durable material, as the years pass, your roof will continue looking just as great.


Durability and Resistance

Nothing can take away from a house’s look than a worn out damaged roof. Plus the cost of constant roofing repairs and fixing additional damage from leaks is an unnecessary burden on both your daily living and your wallet. Thankfully, all these issues can be easily avoided.


Winter or summer, wind, rain or sun, steel roofing can handle the full spectrum of Adelaide weather without showing signs of wear and tear. Steel is a highly resistant material that is designed to last you for years without showing signs of its age. You can feel confident investing in steel roofing for your Adelaide home knowing that it will last undamaged for a long time. Plus, at old Port Roofing, we rely on only the highest quality BlueScope Colorbond steel, the colour and beauty of which prevail through time, while keeping your home safe and sound.



If sustainability matters to you and your family, think no further than steel. As previously mentioned, steel is energy efficient, but its environmentally friendly characteristics don’t end there. Being that it is metal, steel is easy to recycle. That means that your roofing could be made out of recycled scrap metal. Plus, once you are gone, your roof can be processed right back into usable steel. Make the sustainable choice and avoid contributing to the ever-growing landfills!

Old Port Roofing is the go-to spot for all your steel roofing needs in Adelaide. Contact us and let us transform your home or business today.




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