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Time To Replace Your Adelaide Roof? Call Old Port Roofing

October 10, 2022

After building a house, you may take measures to ensure your roof remains beautiful and functional. However, some of these measures may come after a while. For instance, measures like repairs ensure your roof remains durable, but a time will come when your Adelaide roof will eventually give up on you, which means it needs replacement.

There are signs you will notice, visibly showing you that your Adelaide roof needs replacement. First, your roof protects you from the weather and elements; without it, you receive the unfavourable effects of climate change. This article will outline some signs you need to replace your Adelaide roof once you observe them.

1. Moss, algae, and fungi formation: 

Due to trapped water or moisture, formations of moss, algae, or fungi appear on your roof; they can be mushrooms growing on your roof, green moos, or even plants. Once you see this, it is a sure sign that your shingles have started to rot and your roof needs replacement.

2. Expired roofing material: 

Every roof has a lifespan ranging from 10 to 50 years, depending on the material it is made of; once time has passed, the quality has dropped, reducing its functionality. So check the lifespan of your Adelaide roof, and once it expires, replace it before it starts giving you problems.

3. Leaking roof: 

A leaking roof is a sure sign you need to replace your Adelaide roof, so look at the shingles and the paint on the walls, and if you notice peeling, that is a sign of leaking; another way of knowing is by entering the roof or attic to check for tiny holes. Before it results in a bigger problem, replace the roof.

4. Slumping shingles: 

Once you observe that your Adelaide roof starts to slump or sag, your roof needs replacing. You can do this by standing away from your house and observing the straightness. Observing any depressions is a sure sign that your Adelaide roof needs replacement.

5. Missing shingles: 

Weather conditions like a storm can cause the removal of your Adelaide roof shingles, causing maximum damage to your roof. Missing roof shingles are a sure; sign that your Adelaide roof needs replacement.

6. Damaged roof members: 

Some roof members, like facial boards, and rafters, can get damaged. They may crack or even get missing due to intense weather conditions. Once this happens, you need to replace your Adelaide roof.

7. High electricity bills: 

Your Adelaide roof, if appropriately constructed, is responsible for the deflection and trapping of cool air, ensuring your house is well regulated, but a faulty roof does the opposite, releasing cool air and not being able to effectively deflect sun rays, making you spend electricity bills trying to cool your Adelaide home. Once you observe that your electricity bills keep increasing, that is a sure sign to replace your Adelaide roof.


A roof is an essential part of your Adelaide house, and once you intend to replace it or suspect it has a fault, hiring the service of a quality roofing contractor or company is very important. This is because, due to their skills, they can identify the faults accurately and ensure your roof replacement is done with quality materials, restoring its durability and beauty.




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