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What`s Involved in a Professional Roof Maintenance Check!

April 09, 2020

Even the most durable roofs need maintenance from time to time to make sure they are in top shape. Your Adelaide roofing may have incurred damage that you cannot see. Only a professional eye can detect it. That is why regular roof maintenance is essential.
Small, undetected roof issues can rapidly evolve into big, devastating problems. By the time you try to get them fixed, you will pay large amounts of money in roof repairs. On some occasions, you might even have to replace the whole roof.
In a roof maintenance service, an experienced and trained professional will assess the current condition of your Adelaide roofing. Based on that, they will advise you if further steps are required. Here is what to expect during regular roof maintenance:
Full Exterior Inspection
This step requires professional expertise. Roof maintenance experts know how to get on and off your Adelaide roof safely. They will go up there and look for any visible signs of damage on your roof. These signs include peeled paint, corrosion, leaks, and damaged sheets.
A professional roof maintenance service should also cover inspecting the flashing on the roof. The flashing is installed on the borders of skylights or chimneys to protect them from any water damage. If it was not installed properly, it could cause leaks and severe damage to your Adelaide property.
Full Interior Inspection
Roof maintenance does not involve checking your Adelaide roofing only from the outside. The roof inspectors should also examine the attic and the interior of your Adelaide building. They will look for mould, water stains, and peeling paint. These are all signs of leaks on the roof.
The water damage marks do not have to occur exactly where the roof leak originates. That is why you need experienced roof maintenance professionals. They will know how to track the leak and determine its source.
Gutters and Downpipes Check
Your roof water drainage system should also be the critical part of any roof maintenance check. The gutters and downpipes should be cleared of any dirt or debris that could clog them. They should also be inspected for any signs of deterioration, rust, or damage. Otherwise, the water would gather on your Adelaide roof. This could jeopardise the structural integrity of your whole building. 
At Old Port Roofing, we provide professional roof maintenance and repairs services to domestic and commercial properties across Adelaide. Our roof maintenance team will thoroughly check your Adelaide roof inside out. They will then recommend the best course of action to solve any detected issues.
We usually recommend scheduling a regular roof maintenance check at least twice per year. However, the frequency of roof maintenance inspections could change, depending on the age of your Adelaide roofing, recent weather conditions and many other factors.


Get a tailored roof maintenance plan that will prolong the lifespan of your Adelaide roofing. Call us today!


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