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What`s Involved in a Roof Replacement Service?

December 08, 2022

Finally, it is time to replace your old, worn-out Adelaide roof. A roof replacement usually comes with a high price tag. When appropriately executed, though, this task becomes highly efficient.

The right roof replacement can also enhance the overall style of your Adelaide home. That is why you need to choose your Adelaide roof replacement company wisely.

A roof replacement comes with the promise of safety and security for your Adelaide home and family. So, what exactly does a roof replacement service involve?

Here are the main stages you will go through during a roof replacement:

Roof Replacement Estimate

Before choosing a contractor for your Adelaide roof replacement, you must get a preliminary estimate first. In this way, you may get the best Adelaide roofing company. Also, it will give you a rough idea of how much money and time you'll need to replace your roof.

Some roof replacement companies provide free estimates. This will help you plan your roof replacement budget and set realistic expectations.

Removing Your Old Adelaide Roof

The roofer who replaces your roof will remove the old shingles, felt, and other components. Next comes the inspection of the roof decking to ensure its integrity. This foundation will serve as an attachment point for the new roof.

If the decking on the roof is in good shape, the contractor can start the replacement. Otherwise, they will have to replace the roof decking as well.

Installing the New Roof

When installing a new roof in Adelaide, this process might take a few hours to many days. Putting up a steel roof takes less time. However, roof replacement is about more than just installing new roofing.

Your contractor in Adelaide will also need to install new flashing and a new roof plumbing system.

After the roof installation, the contractor should give the new roof a final inspection. This is how they ensure the success of your Adelaide roof replacement project. Afterwards, the roof replacement contractor should also clean up the area.

With Old Port Roofing, replacing your roof in Adelaide will be easy and clear. Our roof replacement team will always keep you involved and well-informed during all stages.

At Old Port Roofing, we have all your Adelaide roof replacement solutions covered. We can replace all types of roofs with new, durable steel roofing.

Our roof replacement services cover Adelaide's residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. In addition, to help you with the planning phase, we provide a free, no-obligation quote service.

Furthermore, our Adelaide roof replacement services are not limited to conventional steel roofing designs. We can complete any roof replacement project, no matter the design's complexity. Our team is well known for their cleanliness and organisation on site.

Choose a hassle-free Adelaide roof replacement service. Contact us now!



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