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When is the Best Time to Get a New Roof?

Do You Need A New Roof? 


Whether you are in the midst of a new build, thinking about renovating or suffering from internal damage due to leaking, you probably have thought about getting a new roof. There is no time like now when it comes to a new roof construction or a roof replacement.


At Old Port Roofing we believe that the best time to get a new roof is the present. Don’t delay comfort and quality living and working by putting off a roof replacement or installation until it is needed, and contact Old Port Roofing today to start your new roofing journey.



Like most alterations to residential and commercial properties, being proactive will serve you incredibly well. It is simple, the earlier you inquire, the sooner you will get your new roof. Whether you have seen deterioration or you happen to think that your roof is looking tired, you need to contact roofing specialists like our team at Old Port Roofing now.


Being proactive and seeking out a new roof can be the difference between you spending a bit now, and suffering from excessive structural damage in the years to come. Our team can help you determine what course of action best suits your situation and property. Get in touch with us now!


Earliest Signs

There are things to look out for that will help you determine when the best time to get a new roof is. Mostly concerned with water damage, it will be evident when it is an excellent time to get a new roof if you start to see the signs. Commonly, leaking will lead to the growth of mould or staining in the interior areas of the property. More significant structural issues such as sagging and even the collapsing of interior ceilings often come after the earliest signs of leaking.



A faulty roofing system will always cause problems; however, in some seasons, it can be more detrimental. At Old Port Roofing we don't think it is a great idea to wait until the dry heat of summer of harsh winds of winter before you do something about your roof. By far, the better option is to undertake a roof replacement or installation as soon as you feel necessary. It will ensure that you don't suffer from additional damage and that our team have adequate time to complete the proposed tasked!


Don’t wait to get your new roofing system! At Old Port Roofing, we focus on a fast turnaround. We will not inconvenience you for even the smallest amount of time possible. To organise a consultation, measure and quote, call our team today and start your journey toward a new roof!



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