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Where Can I Get a Steel Roof That Will Suit My Home?

Metal roofing products have become increasingly popular in the past few years as awareness about the benefit of this roofing material continues to grow among builders and homeowners. In addition to that, the last decade has also seen the emergence of a variety of modern metals that are a massive departure from the corrugated metal roofing used in the past. Modern metal roofing materials are long-lasting, lightweight, and fire-resistant. They also look good in your home.


Benefits of Using Metal Roofing

Many homeowners and builders prefer steel roofing in Adelaide because it is durable, fire-resistant and easy to install. In many cases, experienced roofing contractors will recommend metal roofing products over products made from other materials such as [list alternatives to metals].

Furthermore, modern metal roofing products are lightweight and effective at reflecting away the heat from the sun. These properties are beneficial to homeowners who are keen on saving energy on cooling their home. Metal roofing products have some disadvantages such as being noisy and that they can easily dent.


Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Steel and aluminium are the primary materials used to make metal roofing. Other metal roofing materials like alloys and copper can be pricey. Manufacturers prefer to use aluminium and steel to fabricate metal roofing because they are affordable, and durable. The fact that steel can be galvanised also means that metal roofing holds paint finishes well.

Compared to steel, aluminium is more prone to damage and dents because it's relatively soft. It also costs more than steel. On the other hand, in terms of when paint finish is compromised, aluminium doesn’t corrode as quickly as steel does.


Identifying the Best Metal Roofing for Your Home

The first step to choosing the most suitable metal roofing for your home is figuring out the aesthetic that you’re going for. When it comes to residential metal roofing, there are to main looks that have a fundamental aesthetic difference: shingles and sheet-like panes.

There are numerous patterns, colours, and variations within these two categories. Take your time, research widely and consulting experienced roofing contractors before making yourfinal choice on steel roofing Adelaide.


Metal Panel Roofing Versus Metal Shingle Roofing

"Standing-seam roofing"is the most common metal panel roofing pattern. With this pattern, ribs are raised every six to twelve inches. Roofing contractors apply this pattern vertically, and no effort is made to disguise the metal by making it appear like another material.

Some architects favour this commercial-looking option because it gives a contemporary, clean, honest impression. Mountain cabins commonly use this pattern. However, it is also popular with modern homes. From an aesthetic standpoint, metal panel roofing doesn’t work well with colonial houses.


Shingle-style metal roofing is quite unlike sheet roofing. In this case, the roofer forms the metal into shapes that mimic slate, wood shakes, or Spanish tile. Moreover, these metal shingles usually feature multiple layers of factory finished such as granulated stone top coats that help further disguise the look of the metal.




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