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Which Colours Are Available for My New Steel Roof?

Your roof influences a large proportion of your home’s visual appeal. It’s estimated that your roofing takes up to 30 per cent of what people see as they approach your house. It means that it’s essential to choose a colour of steel roofing that blends with the other elements of your home’s exterior to achieve a seamless and integrated look.

Take stock of your home’s architectural style, paint colour as well as other building’s in your neighbourhood to get ideas about which colour steel roof will give you the most inspired and charming result.


Get Inspired

If you’re struggling for ideas about what you think would work best or need some inspiration about what’s available then we have an extensive selection of colours to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.

All of our steel roofs are manufactured from Bluescope Colobond steel which is presented in five colourways – Classic, Contemporary, Ultra, Fencing and Matt finish. Bluescope Colorbond Steel roofing have characteristically clean lines, which give any home a clean and modern appearance.
With our offering of over 20 different shades to choose from, you’ll be able to dial in the look that you want to create; from ‘Surfmist’ to ‘Cottage Green’ you can bring a unique colour and feel to your property that just can’t be replicated with standard plain roofing.

Additionally, you can mix and match our steel roofing to compliment your gutters and downpipes to produce a genuinely eye-catching design that complements your home and has the neighbours looking on green-eyed.


Guidelines for Choosing a Colour

It makes sense to follow some simple colour palette rules when deciding which colours to go for. Muted and darker tones like grey and black (For example Windspray, Shalegray, and Monument) look incredible with green or olive exterior walls.

Lighter paint on the outside walls of your house such as yellow or gold will pair well with a green-blue, grey or black coloured roof. Brown roofing tends to stand out when it’s atop a structure with cream or tan walls while sometimes monochrome results can also be amazing – for example, grey walls with a slightly darker grey roof.

Remember not to be afraid to break the rules – most colour combinations work in some capacity together, and it’s really about finding a tone that makes you happy each time you walk up to your driveway.

If thermal efficiency is something you’re concerned about, then don’t worry. Our steel roofing comes in a wide variety of thermally- efficient light colours which can help to deflect heat away from your home and keep it cooler in mid-summer which helps to keep your air-conditioning bill under control.


Let's Get Started

So why not contact us at Old Port Roofing today to discuss which colour scheme best suits your home’s aesthetic. We’ll help you find a Colorbond steel roofing shade to take your properties appearance to the next level.




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