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Why Bluescope Colorbond Steel Is The Only Steel Roofing You Should Be Investing In!

There's no doubt that Steel roofing is the way to go for your new Adelaide home. However, you want to make sure you are investing in the best Steel roofing materials out there. That is if you're going to experience the benefits of a Steel roof to their full extent. If high quality is what you aim for, Bluescope Colorbond Steel is the way to go for your Adelaide home.


Why should you choose Bluescope Colorbond Steel? Here are some of the benefits these high-quality materials can offer:


1. Wide Range of Colour Shades

Your roof needs to compliment the rest of the elements in your home. This type of visual congruence is what will allow you to create a unified home look. Without the right amount of options, though, finding a match for your home might be near to impossible.


At Old Port Roofing we can offer our clients a wide variety of options. Bluescope steel is available in 5 colours with over 20 different shades. Matching your home to your colour palette and other elements such as gutters will be no challenge.


2. Durability and Resistance

One of the most significant concerns for homeowners is the durability of their home. No one wants to have to go around replacing and repairing bits and pieces all the time. An easy way to avoid this is by choosing to invest in the best materials. High-quality products last longer, resist wear and tear and give you the most value for your money.


At Old Port Roofing, we choose our materials carefully. We work with Bluescope Colorbond steel because its quality and look are unparalleled. With its Activate technology, Bluescope steel guarantees the highest resistance and durability. Your roof will keep its colour, finish and stay corrosion-free.


3. Energy Efficiency

Now more than ever, energy bills are getting harder to manage. Keeping costs low and a living space that is comfortable and cool are top priorities for most. Bluescope Colorbond steel can help on both fronts.


Other types of material allow heat to seep in, sending your A/C into overdrive. But that's not the case with Colorbond steel. Thanks to its heat reflective properties, Bluescope steel saves you money every month. This is especially important for Adelaide homeowners who face intense temperatures in the summer. By keeping your home cool all day long, you sweat and pay less.


Whether you are a new homeowner looking for a new roof or looking to replace an old one, think no further! Old Port Roofing's Bluescope Colourbond Steel is the way to go for your Adelaide home! With our team's experience, workmanship and fantastic quality materials, results are guaranteed.


Get your home looking and running its best, starting from the top: your roof. Call our team at Old Port Roofing Today and schedule your free consultation!



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