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Why Colorbond Steel Is the Only Roofing Material You Should Be Choosing

Humans have constructed roofs since the dawn of time. Throughout history, our ancestors built roofs for protection, safety and shelter. The improvements in technology over time allowed us to create better and better roofs. We improved functionality and longevity through a process of continuous refinement and innovation, and that process continues today.

Colorbond steel is the result of this centuries-old process. It ushered in a new era in roofing technology, offering a range of benefits over other types of roofing. From durability to environmental impact, let’s look at why Colorbond steel is the only roofing material that you should be choosing for your Adelaide home or Business.

Minimal Maintenance

Traditional roof tiles are prone to weathering in Adelaide’s harsh climate. Weathering of your roofing leads to a whole host of undesirable issues such as premature degradation and water leakage. Colorbond roofing is much more resistant to the extremes of weather in Adelaide, which means that it will last much longer – we’re talking 20+ years – before it will need to be replaced. Additionally, the name Colorbond comes from the manufacturing process where the colour is bonded onto the metal – this means it will require much less painting when compared to other metal roofing materials. Its baked-on finish means that it resists chipping, cracking and peeling, keeping your roof looking and performing great even after decades of reliable protection.

Design Flexibility

Colorbond roofing comes in a broad range of attractive colours which gives home and business owners the creative freedom to create an impressive façade. Not only that but inside the building, Colorbond roofs offer excellent spanning capabilities which means fewer columns and more space to lay out the interior the way that you want it. Colorbond roofing also comes in several profiles to meet both the aesthetic and design goals for your property. The result is a more functional and attractive roof.

Energy Efficiency

Adelaide’s summer can get hot, and the winters can get a little nippy. Far more thermally efficient than tiled roofs, Colorbond roofing keeps your property cooler on hot days and warmer on colder days. It works to insulate your home or business, which can not only make your building more pleasant but can even save you money on energy bills. Using less energy makes Colorbond the choice for sustainability, but it also gets better. Colorbond steel is 100% recyclable and is lighter to transport too. It adds up to contribute to a greener more sustainable planet for all.


BlueScope Steel manufactures 100% of Colorbond steel roofing in Australia. By choosing Colorbond, you’ll not only enjoy the benefits of superior Australian craftsmanship, but you’ll be supporting Australian jobs and the Australian economy.

Colorbond steel is the perfect choice of roofing for your Adelaide property. From its unmatched resistance and minimal upkeep to its customisable design and its energy efficiency, it’s clear that Colorbond roofing is a brilliant choice for both commercial and residential roofing.

If you’re interested in adding a Colorbond roof to your newbuild or swapping out your old roofing for a Colorbond one, then get in touch with us here at Old Port Roofing today. We’ve been delivering exceptional roofing solutions to the people of Adelaide for the last 25 years, and we’d love to discuss how we can help you meet your needs and surpass your roofing expectations.



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