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Why Tiled Roofs Are Becoming Obsolete!

Tiled roofs are everywhere. Their great popularity can be easily attributed to the fact that they have been around for a long time. However, metal roofing has quickly caught up in popularity, despite their shorter history. People are no longer choosing tiled roofs for their Adelaide roofing, and for several good reasons.


Smart roofing decisions require a base of knowledge about the alternatives. Learn about the shortcomings of tiled roofing before choosing what type of roofing to get for your Adelaide home.


Here Are Some of the Major Cons of Tiled Roofs


They Are Expensive and Difficult to Install

Tile roofs come at a substantially high price per square foot, compared to other roofing options. But, most importantly, you have to consider that its not only the tiles that add up to your expenses. Tiled roofs require a certain kind of wood framework for installation that can come at a steep price.


They Are Heavy

Tiled roofs considerably weigh more than other kinds of roofs, making them structurally unsound. When it comes to roofing, weight is extremely significant. An excessively heavy roof will place unwanted strain on your home’s structure and cause damage unless properly installed. Such installation requires a special kind of underlay to support the tiling. It makes for a time consuming, complicated and expensive process.


Tiled Roofing Has Less Versatility

Unlike materials like metal, that can adapt to all kinds of shapes, curves and slopes; tiles aren’t as easy to integrate into your designs. Unless you have a roofing design in mind that was created with tiling in mind, there’s no guarantee that getting a tiled roof will be easy or possible.


Tiled Roofing Might Be Durable, But Not Resistant

Tiled roofs are often highlighted for their exceptional durability. However, this might not be entirely true. Sure, tiled roofs can last a long time, but they won’t necessarily conquer the years unharmed. What many roofers won’t tell you about tiles is that they are a very brittle material. The impact from broken branches, hail or any other occurrence can cause your tiles to crack. So while in theory, your roof will last a long time, it will require a periodic repair of broken tiles. Each tile that is replaced is a tile that doesn’t deliver the promised durability.


A Tiled Roof’s Expensive Installation Is Followed by Expensive Maintenance

Remember us mentioning the expensive wood underlay required to support a tiled roof? Well, due to the weight of tiling, this underlay can’t last you a lifetime. In reality, your investment will last you between 10 and 20 years at most. Once that life span is reached, you will have to replace the entire underlay to prevent issues such as your roof caving in or leaks.


Steel Roofing Is the Way to Go

If you’d like to avoid the issues above, you should consider opting for steel roofing. Thanks to the fantastic quality products available nowadays, you can use steel to create any look, no matter its shape or size. With a wide variety of colours available, you can be confident that your steel roof will compliment your design. Contact Old Port Roofing for more information on steel roofing solutions.




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