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Why We`ll Use Steel Roofing Over Roof Tiles Anyday!

Why do we only offer steel metal roofing at Old Port Adelaide? It’s Simple. We are committed to providing our customers only the best roofing services in the market. After years of experience in the roofing industry, we have seen this type of roofs outperform all others.


Many people get carried away by tradition or looks when it comes to their roofs. Yet, there’s a lot more to roofing than most even think about. Beyond looks, a homeowner must consider durability, resistance, and energy efficiency, among others. In most cases, these will require homeowners to evaluate new roofing options, that weren’t as popular previously.


One of the best choices you can make in your home is to ditch the tile and switch to modern steel roofing.


At Old Port Roofing, we are firm supporters of steel and iron roofing due to the many benefits it provides. It’s durable, reliable and super lightweight. What’s best? It can be moulded to match any home design vision you might have!


Steel Roofing Misconceptions

Many people choose tiles without taking into account all the facts. More often than not, steel roofing is ruled out without a good cause.


People tend to picture steel roofing as long sheets of corrugated metal, like the ones used in commercial establishments. This turns off homeowners looking for something more stylish and inviting for their homes. While this type of steel roofing does exist, it’s not the only option out there.


Nowadays, steel roofing can take nearly any shape, size and colour. Steel can be used to resemble almost any traditional roof design you have in mind! This means that steel roofing materials can be used to match all home styles and designs.


Advantages Of Steel Roofing Over Roof Tiles

Steel Roofing Is Lightweight

Considering that your home’s structure has to support the weight of your roofing every single day, weight is a big deal.


In some cases, heavy tiles require extra framing to be installed to support their weight. This makes the installation process lengthy, but also very expensive.


On the other hand, steel roofing is exceptionally lightweight. Despite its exceptional strength and durability, steel roofing’s metal properties make it very easy to support. This makes installation quick and budget-friendly. In the long run, this type of roof puts your home’s structure under less strain.

Steel Roofing Keeps The Heat Away

When it comes to keeping your home cool, your roof can work in your favour or against you. The choice is up to you.


Steel roofing can be your best friend by reflecting the sun’s rays and heat away from your home. On the other hand, tiles, lacking these reflective properties, absorb a considerable amount of heat. The problem is that heat doesn’t stop there. After being absorbed by roof tiles, heat makes its way into your home. Yikes!

Steel Roofing Is Resistant And Durable

The weather takes its toll over all parts of your properties, but especially your roofing. Wind, rain, and sun all cause significant wear and tear over roofs. However, different types of roofing materials cope differently with these aggressors.


Tiles, especially concrete slabs, are prone to cracking. Other tiles can catch fire during fire season. Steel roofing, on the other hand, is fire-safe and resists a variety of weather conditions.


Old Port’s Steel Roofing

At Old Port Roofing you’ll find the best steel roofing experts in Adelaide. Make the right choice for your home!


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