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Will Steel Roofing Keep My Home Cool In Summer?

For the Adelaide community, staying cool during the summer months is no easy feat. It’s not surprising that homeowners are continually looking for better ways to cope with warmer days. Surprisingly, the solution that many homeowners are looking for is hidden in plain sight. By simply trading in your old roofing for steel roofing, you can make a real difference in your home’s temperature.


How Does Steel Roofing Keep Homes Cool?

To understand how steel roofs reduce heat in your home, we first have to know how heat gets in.


Traditional roofing materials absorb heat. Heat passes through these materials, making its way into your home. This makes your indoors considerably warmer, in the absence of A/C. With the A/C turned on, this heat will work against its cooling action, reducing its efficiency. In this case, your body won’t feel the effects of the added heat, but your energy bill will.


On the other hand, steel roofing has sun reflecting properties. Thanks to this, heat is reflected away from your home rather than absorbed. Since the sun’s heat is the leading cause of your home space heating up, steel roofs work like a charm during the summer months.


Additionally, it is possible to maximise the cooling effect of your steel roofing. The best part is that it doesn’t even require spending more money. The only thing you need to do is make the right colour choice!


Steel roofing is available in 20 different shades! This gives our clients an enormous amount of aesthetic choice. But if energy efficiency is at the top of your list, you might want to select the colour of your roof based on reducing heat and not visuals alone.


Opting for lighter colours, instead of dark ones, can reduce even more the amount of heat absorbed by your steel roofing. This way you’ll have your roof working 100% at keeping heat out of your living space!


Is Steel Roofing Energy-Efficient?

In short: Yes! Steel roofing is a fantastic energy-efficient addition to your home. Metal roofs reflect a significant amount of heat away from your home, keeping it cool. For some months, this can be enough to keep your indoors comfy. Thus, your air conditioning needs are reduced.


Once the heat waves roll in, steel’s reflective properties result in less heat making its way into your home. In turn, your A/C will have to work less to keep your home cool during the day.


As if that weren’t enough, since steel reflects sunlight away, it is a prime location for solar panel installation. In this case, steel roofing works along with solar panel technology maximising its performance.


Choose Old Port, Adelaide’s Go-To Steel Roofing Expert

At Old Port Roofing we’ll help you build the perfect roof to keep your home cool and fresh through the hottest Adelaide days.


From thoughtful design to the highest quality steel and smart colour choice, we can turn your home into an energy efficiency paradise.


Tired of the heat? Give us a call and find out more about our steel roofing options!



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