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Winter Roofing Maintenance Tips You Should Be Doing!

One of the significant advantages of a steel roof is that it requires less maintenance than other types of roof. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a metal roof is maintenance-free. Changes in weather conditions during winter can mean that roofing around Adelaide and other parts of the country can start to degrade. It results in unnecessary damage and may mean that you’ll need to think about replacing your roofing sooner than you’d like. Follow our winter maintenance tips, and you’ll enjoy a more attractive and long-lasting roof for many years to come.


1. Clear Debris from the Surface

The harsher winds and storms that winter brings often results in debris, such as twigs and branches accumulating on your roof. For proper roof maintenance, it’s essential to remove any visible debris before it starts causing you problems with drainage. Additionally, the damp conditions can encourage the growth of problematic moss and lichens – it’s best to use a hose to pressure washer to clear these away. If you’re not convinced that you can do it yourself or don’t have the time, many professionals can take care of the task for you.


2. Tidy-up Surrounding Foliage

While not directly damaging to your roofing, if you have overhanging branches or bushes that can come into contact with your roof then they can cause indirect damage by removing some of your roof’s protective coating. It’s a wise move to trim any foliage that poses a risk before the winter winds set in to minimise the chances of damage.


3. Show Your Gutters Some Love

With much more debris flying around in winter time, it’s easier for your gutters to become clogged. When this happens, rainwater will start to back-up in the system which is not good news for your roofing. Even though our durable Colorbond steel roofing is the toughest you can get in Adelaide, all metal roofs suffer when there are over-exposed to moisture. If the edge of your roof is sitting in water or touching wet-leaves, then corrosion and rust will come knocking prematurely. Keeping your gutter system clear and in good working order will help you to avoid this issue.


4. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Holes

Your metal roof is made up of multiple sheets of steel that are fixed together and then bonded or sealed, depending on which contractor installed it. Keep an eye on the areas where these metal sheets meet because it’s where you’ll usually see the first signs of corrosion. If water can get into the gaps between the sheets, then it can damage the metal and potentially create holes. During Summer in Adelaide, the heat can cause the metal in your roof to expand. It can facilitate the creation of small gaps between your roofing sheets where water can take up residence. It’s important to inspect your roof, by yourself or with a tradesperson, and to seal any seam leaks or gaps before tiny holes escalate into an unwelcome drips onto your kitchen floor.


5. Contact Old Port Roofing

If you’re looking to maintain or fix your current roof to ensure maximum longevity, upgrade your drainage system or re-vamp your home with a brand-new roof, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ve been proudly serving Adelaide for over 25 years, and we’d be delighted to discuss how we can help you with your roofing needs.


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