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5 Signs Your Adelaide Roof Needs Repair

Roof Repair In Adelaide 


In Adelaide, your roofing system is responsible for protecting your biggest investment - your home. At Old Port Roofing, we believe that keeping an eye out for signs of deterioration, is the key to avoiding costly damage and unsafe occurrences in your home.

If you have an old tile or an iron roof that just isn't cutting it anymore, our team at Old Port Roofing can help you with repairs and/or replacement in Adelaide. If you want to avoid extensive damage to your property, look out for the following five signs of deterioration.



Often, issues with your gutters can result from a larger, more severe issue. The problem is, is that it is more common to see your gutter than your roof. If you have areas of your gutter that seem to overflow when the rain comes in, there is a chance that your roof is providing uneven water-runoff. Damaged areas can be responsible for this. Therefore, you may be in need of a roof repair.



From the inside of your home, you can sometimes see signs of water damage without seeing water. One of these signs is brown staining on your interior ceiling. If water is making its way through into the roof cavity, staining may start to show before you are faced with the biggest issue like collapse or ceiling sagging. Keep an eye out for staining!



With iron, rust is the biggest sign of long-term damage. At Old Port Roofing, we find that rust occurs most commonly to beach-front properties, or in areas of your roof where there may be an air conditioning unit. If the rust is restricted to one area, we may be able to perform a section replacement, rather than a complete overhaul of the system.



One of the negatives with tile roofs is that, depending on your location, you may experience breakages. If you live near large trees, and the winter winds are causing branches to fall. Your roof may need repairing. With ongoing tile issues, one of the ways you can rectify breakages is by electing to undertake a complete a roof replacement to iron.



Finally, the most obvious (and common) sign of damage is leaking. If you are noticing water inside your home, your best bet is to contact the professionals right away before it turns into something bigger, and more problematic.

If your Adelaide roofing system is starting to exhibit any of these five issues, contact Old Port Roofing today. Whether you need a minor repair, or a larger, more significant roof replacement, we have the capability to help you out. For a free consultation, or a measure and quote, call Old Port Roofing today for all of your Adelaide roofing needs.




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