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Old Port Roofing Adelaide

Roof Repairs And Maintenance Adelaide

Your roof is your homes first line of defence against Australia’s harsh natural weather elements. Every day, your roof is exposed to factors that can contribute to its deterioration, increasing the risk of damage to your roof and the contents below it. Whether your roof is that of a residential or commercial roof it is important that it is highly maintained to ensure your family and or business’s safety.


Roof failure, especially in commercial environments, is not an option as it can lead to business disruption and be detrimental to your business’s bottom line.

To ensure the proper protection and the business conducted within it regular maintenance can result in a significant amount of savings in the long run.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a while, your priority should be to identify and fix any major problems. Our team will come in and look for signs of any serious problems that are apparent, even from the inside of your building.


Our team at Old Port Roofing attend repairs to domestic and commercial roofs as required. The many years of experience within the team, enable an expert thought process in tracking where leaks originate and travel from, and recommend the best course of action to amend. We look for things such as water stains on ceilings, or the presence of mould or odours inside may indicate a leaking roof. Following this, it is important to visually inspect the roof itself to identify any problems that are likely to worsen over time.



High quality roof repairs in Adelaide


We offer a service whereby regular inspection, maintenance and repair is undertaken to prolong the lifespan of your roof and prevent potential roofing and guttering problems.

The frequency of inspection for routine maintenance depends on several factors, taking into consideration the age of the roof, recent weather conditions, and any previous conditions and identified during previous inspections.


We recommend scheduling a regular roofing inspection at least twice per year, this will ensure that your roofing maintenance is up to date and not forgotten amongst other pressing business issues.


With our honest approach, we quote and recommend to our clients the best course of action for their roofs. Offering a free quotation service to give you an accurate idea of the best maintenance plan for you and your roofing needs. Keeping in mind it always the client’s decision for work to proceed.


Why not give us a call today and we can inspect your property and work with you to create a tailored maintenance plan to suit your roofing maintenance requirements.


Roof Repair services we offer

  • Replacement of damaged sheets
  • Ridge Capping Repair
  • Flashing repair
  • Whirley bird /Mushroom vent replacement
  • Valley /box gutter metal
  • Verandah repair
  • Water ingress /leak repair 
  • Repair of metal roof




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