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Leaking Roof? Let Us Fix It Before It Is Too Late

The Effects Of Neglecting Your Roof


Not only are the signs of a leaking roof daunting for safety reasons, but there can be severe financial repercussions. Rectifying this issue is critical. If you have experienced a heavy rain recently, and are noticing moisture inside your home, don't wait, call Old Port Roofing immediately for a roof leak repair.


To ensure the safety of those within your home or business, and to stop any other issues that may arise as a result of a small leak, allow the professionals to help. Undertaking safe and effective repairs is what we do, and we ensure that all the different areas of your roofing system get the attention they need. It is why we are here for you!



The primary reason that leaking roofs require your fullest attention is to make sure that you interior environment remains safe. Even the smallest faults in a roofing system can lead to some issues that can pose a threat to those within your home. The presence of moisture inside a building can lead to mould, which represents a threat to respiratory concerns for the young and elderly. Once present, mould can be particularly challenging to remove.


Over time, if enough moisture finds its way into the roofing space, you can expose yourself to a potential ceiling collapse. To avoid the possibility of serious injury, at the earliest signs you should undertake a roof repair.



What may start as a small leak can very quickly turn into something much bigger. Commonly, the bigger the internal water issue, the higher the price will be to fix it. Being proactive when it comes to these issues can be the difference between you have a small, cost-effective repair, or something much more significant that could take a long time, and also cost a lot more. If a small leak leads to interior damage, replacing internal ceilings, trusts and entire roofing systems are possible.



With a focus on turnarounds, our team at Old Port Roofing will make it our highest priority to repair your leak as soon as possible. Time is of the essence with roof leaks, and to make sure that your small leak isn't going to become something much bigger (and more detrimental), our team will come to your property as soon as possible. Whether you need a temporary fix before something more substantial can begin, or we can fix the entire issue right there on the spot, you can minimise damage with Old Port Roofing.


If you are noticing some staining, sagging or dripping inside your home, call Old Port Roofing today to make sure that you are safe in the wet months! For an emergency repair or consultation, call Old Port Roofing today!



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