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Leaking Roof? Old Port roofing Can Help!

While Adelaide is not known for its excessive rainfall, the climate here can test the absolute limits of your roof’s performance. It is because of the variance in temperature that changes with the seasons. As we all learned in school, heat makes things expand, and cold makes things contract. It means that the panels and fastenings in your roof can become slightly warped over time. After a few years of such weathering, combined with wind, debris build-up and natural erosion can affect your roof’s ability to remain fully watertight.

A less-than-watertight roof presents many problems that are best avoided. From minor water damage to furniture and carpets to more severe issues involving electrical wiring, when your roof starts to leak it’s important to have it fixed as soon as possible. Regular roofing maintenance is the key to avoiding a leak, and prevention is a far better strategy, in terms of cost and time than a full repair.

So, after receiving many calls from property owners in distress about a leaking roof, we’ve compiled a step-by-step action plan that you can apply if you’ve just discovered a leak in your roof.

Minimise the Damage

Quickly asses the situation and move to protect anything that might be in danger of water damage. It includes electronics, furniture and other valuables. Bin liners, kitchen pots and gardening buckets are your allies in defending your property from the effects of the invading water.

Depending on the nature of the leak, you can try to tape a length of string to the roof to direct the dripping of water into one point. If your ceiling paint is ‘bubbling’ then it’s holding pockets of water, use a sharp object to puncture these to release the water into your bucket. Place an old t-shirt or rag under your bucket to catch any splashes that try to jump out of the bucket. If you are having trouble containing the advance of the water, then call a professional roofing contractor immediately.

Contact Your Home Insurance

Take photos of the damage to your home and make notes of what has happened. If the damage to your home has been particularly bad, you may need to contact a professional water extraction company. Ensure that you keep all invoices from any contractors so that you’ll have the best chance of claiming the expenses back off your insurance provider.

Fix the Leak

Once you’ve got a handle on the initial leaking situation, it’s time to stop the water dead in its tracks. To be sure that your leak won’t make a reappearance anytime soon, get in touch with a reliable and registered roofing contractor in Adelaide. Don’t be afraid to call around a few contractors to get quotes and remember to inquire about their qualifications, licencing and insurance details.

Be aware of any predatory companies or people who try to upsell you more than you need. A quality roofing contractor will not only swiftly fix the leak but be able to perform a full audit of your roof and suggest the best course of action going forward.

Here at Old Port Roofing, we’ve been helping the people of Adelaide with their roofing maintenance and roof repairs for over 25 years. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have water penetrate your roofing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call right away.



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