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Protect Your Investment With Repairs And Maintenance

Protect Your Investment By Doing Roof Repairs And Maintenance


Your house is considered to be one of the most significant investments you'll ever make. It's something that you want to take pride in and perhaps show off to family and friends. There's no doubt that you'll clean it inside and out and check to make sure everything is in working order, however, there is often an area of your house that gets neglected, and that is your roof!


Adelaide Maintenance

Old Port Roofing Adelaide are the experts when it comes to the topic of maintenance and the importance of doing routine checks on your roof to determine if any action is required. We recommend that you perform a complete inspection of your roof twice a year.


Over the course of time, your roof endures all of the elements in Adelaide and damaged by rain, hail, wind and fire. We cannot stress enough just how vital it is to identify any problems with your roof to not only ensure your family's safety but save you from a heavy financial burden.


Adelaide Repairs

Just because you can't necessarily see it doesn't mean problems don't exist, your roofing may be damaged or deteriorating, and you might not even know it. Old Port Roofing Adelaide performs high-quality roof repairs and offers the following services:


● Replacement of Damaged Sheets
● Ridge Capping Repair
● Flashing Repair
● Whirlybird Vent/Mushroom Vent Replacement
● Valley/Box Gutter Metal
● Verandah Repair
● Water Ingress/Leak Repair
● Repair of Metal Roof


We have a strong commitment to delivering an honest, trustworthy service which all starts with our free quotation to provide you with the best insight and knowledge for all your roofing needs in Adelaide.


Adelaide Restoration

Are you tired of your roofs current look? The team at Old Port Roofing Adelaide offer a unique service to give it a complete change.


You can take pride in ownership by knowing your roof is the eye-catching property on the block; a roof restoration can protect your investment and increase its overall appeal.


We don't just do roofs either! We also work on carports, verandas and pergolas.


Increase in value and appeal

Never underestimate the value of having a quality roof in increasing your property's value and curbside appeal. Did you know that new roofing gives you the opportunity to cut cooling costs? By getting a roof restoration, it can increase the energy efficiency of your house and add to its value, not only that but it can also enhance the look of your property if you ever consider selling.


Old Port Roofing Adelaide has 25 years of experience in the industry, our team of professionals work with you to implement an aesthetic design for your home that won't only give the property a makeover but improve your overall quality of living as well.


Talk to Us!

If you're looking to protect your investment and improve your quality of living, then contact the team at Old Port Roofing Adelaide today.



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