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The Importance of Roof Maintenance During Spring

Does Your Roof Need Maintenance? 


Maintaining your roofing system, whether it be commercial or residential, is essential to the overall longevity and protection of your property. At Old Port Roofing, we believe in the power of correct roof maintenance. If you think that the harsh months of the year are the only time that maintenance is crucial - think again!


Leaving your roof to brave the elements is one thing, but now and then it is essential to make sure that all the fixings and other components are working the right way. Spring is the ideal time to get the professional team at Old Port Roofing to look at your property’s roofing system.



In Australia, spring is the time where you hear the birds chirping. That means they are nesting - and one of their favourite places to nest is in your roofing system. Whether it be the interior or in the gutters, any size twigs, leaves and other natural wastes are incredibly appealing to pests.


If you want to make sure you don't have any unwanted guests choosing your roofing system as their new home, make sure your roofing system is adequately cleaned and cleared of any debris - this is probably the only way to deter pests. Everything from snakes - to rats and birds, can find areas of your roofing system to call home - so keeping it clean will stop you from having a zoo up on your roof.


Unexpected Rain

Falling into the trap of believing that you will only suffer from the rain in the winter months is so easy. Ignoring roofing-related issues until you feel heavy rain will come through can be a costly mistake. By undertaking roof maintenance all year round you are choosing to be proactive about rain at any point in the year.


Roofing systems that have not been correctly maintained often have water-flow issues - which can cause structural and functional damage to the entire property!



Regularly maintaining your roofing system, is the only way to preserve it for the longest time possible. While the roofing systems that we create at Old Port Roofing are from durable materials that can endure Australian conditions, there are still small maintenance tasks that must be completed to ensure that the system works for years to come.


Roof maintenance should be done year-round to ensure the maximum lifetime for your property.


If you need advice and information about how to correctly maintain steel roofing systems, let our team at Old Port Roofing help! We offer cleaning services and roofing restorations to ensure that you are protected and safe all year round! Call today!



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